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There’s a reason Donald Trump is known far and wide as the orange a-hole in the White House.

The latest evidence is how the Trump administration straight up kicked off over 100 people from a rescue boat that were fleeing the devastation in the Bahamians.

The incident happened in Freeport where around 130 Bahamians were made to leave a ferry before it left on Sunday evening after a surprise announcement was made onboard barring those without a visa from entering the US for refuge.

“Please, any person that doesn’t have a US visa please proceed to disembark,” said the announcement as it rang over the loudspeaker on board, leaving Bahamians stunned and confused after initially being told they could board with just a passport and police record, according to the Daily Mail.

This comes just days after Florida lawmakers Marco Rubio and Rick Scott urged President Trump to waive or suspend visa requirements for Bahama citizens who have relatives in the US and are seeking refuge after Hurricane Dorian swept through the islands.

Here’s more from the news outlet:

Hundreds of evacuees lines up for hours to board the ferry to Fort Lauderdale.

But footage from inside the rescue ferry shows hoards of people – including children – exiting the ferry, leaving them stranded on the land devastated by Hurricane Dorian.

Bahamian government denies it is suppressing Dorian death toll as latest official figures show just 44 dead The Bahamian government has denied claims it is suppressing the Dorian death toll, as the latest official count of just 44 falls well below what residents have reported.

Locals say the latest official figure does not match with the oppressive stench and sight of the dead.

But health minister, Duane Sands, told the Miami Herald: ‘I am actually a bit concerned that the focus has been for some people the body count. It is not the priority.

‘The priority is find those people for their loved ones who are missing them; to take care, provide comfort to those people who are hurt, who are suffering, that’s the priority. To put food in people’s bellies, water in their throat.’

Meanwhile, hundreds or even thousands of people were still missing, B Bahamian officials said, as rescue teams continued their grim retrievals.

“We’ve heard the numbers, a 1,000, 200, 500, 600. We’ve heard all of the claims,” Sands told the Herald.

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