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2019 Thornton Alumni Cabaret & Bash

On November 30th, here in BLAkron Ohio, the city’s “old School” was the center of attention at this year’s Thornton Jr. High School Alumni Cabaret & Bash. As always the event’s promoters Ricky Callaway and Darnell Mitchell along with their team did a great job regarding getting the word out about this year’s event.

As with any annual event the ability to make things better than last year is paramount. With that being said this year’s event was better than ever. This year’s event had legendary (Akron DJ) DJ Timbo rocking the party goers on the 1’s & 2’s. Also there were live music from “B Side Band” and the great local songstress Wanda Hunt as she blessed the crowd with her great voice.

This year’s event had city officials like Veronica Sims and Marco Summerville. This annual event has generated such an enormous reception that the city has named November the 30th Thornton Jr. High day. As many people are saying the very popular “Best Dressed Contest” was this year’s best part. In short, the “Best Dressed Contest” was divided into two parts (the women & the Men). To put it in simpler terms the playas played and the women showed off their best dance moves while showcasing their beautiful wears. All in all, if you’ve missed this year’s event check out the highlights in the video posted below this article. Until next time, have some fun and get something done.

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