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*Rick James has been dead and buried for 16 years, and yet he’s facing a new sexual assault lawsuit from a woman who claims the singer/songwriter raped her at a group home in 1979.

According to a report by WIVB 4, the anonymous accuser is suing his estate, claiming the music icon raped her when she was just 15-years-old.

As noted by, James would have been in the early stages of his career in 1979, when the alleged sexual assault took place.


The accuser reportedly filed a Child Victims Act Lawsuit, assuring her anonymity. She claims that James attacked her in the upstairs bedroom of a group home, threatening to cut her and ultimately sexually assaulting her. The attack allegedly took place at a group home on Richmond Avenue in James’ hometown of Buffalo, in the spring of 1979. According to a signed affidavit by the accuser, James was there to meet with one of her house parents.

“I did not know who Rick James was and shrugged and said I don’t know him,” she said. “Almost immediately, Rick James was very suggestive and inappropriate towards me. He made me feel very uncomfortable.”

The accuser claims the attack took place later on, in an upstairs bedroom, where she was lying on bed wearing a nightgown. When James entered the room, he laid on top of her and raped her.

“He grabbed my hair and pushed my head into the pillow,” she wrote. “I tried to fight him off, but he told me to ‘shut up and quit moving or I’ll cut you.’ He violently ripped off my underwear and proceeded to violent rape me and ejaculate inside of me. He then threatened me that if I told anyone, he would know where to find me.”

The accuser claims she has suffered physical, psychological and emotional pain over the years, and even turned to drugs as a teenager to help her cope.

She is seeking $50 million in damages from James’ estate.

A Deadline reader responded to this latest rape allegation against a Black man by noting, “This is getting out of control now. Is trying to make INNOCENT black men the face of sexual deviancy a distraction for all the GUILTY white men who are sexual deviants??? Why isn’t Les Moonves, Kevin Spacey, Roman Polanski and Woody Allen not in jail for real crimes?”

Another reader replied in the comments, “Roman Polanski was convicted, but fled the country. White and convicted, but rich and able to flee. Hate to tell you this, but black men rape just as much as white. Except for Polanski, none of the “white” men you list have been convicted of any crime. R Kelly was charged and found innocent years ago even though there is video of him peeing on a young girl. He was found innocent, but he couldn’t stop raping, so there are more/new charges. Harvey Weinstein’s trial is finishing up next week.”

Meanwhile, James was convicted in 1993 of sexually assaulting two women on separate occasions. He served more than two years in prison. He was accused of another sexual assault charge in 1998, but the charge was later dropped.

James passed away in 2004 due to a stroke after a years-long drug addiction.

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