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Greater Akron Economic Development Partners Launch COVID-19 Resource Guide For Employers And Employe

Greater Akron, Ohio, March 20, 2020 - On Friday, March 20, Greater Akron’s economic development ecosystem partners launched a one-stop regional guide to assist impacted employers and employees in the navigation of information, guidance and resources in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and its corresponding economic implications. The City of Akron, County of Summit and Greater Akron Chamber, in partnership with a large number of organizations aligned with our Elevate Greater Akron initiative, are working closely together, coordinating resources and focusing efforts to ensure businesses and the people they employ have the access to timely, accurate information through an easily navigable website,

“This partnership is the result of nearly two years of intentional collaboration among these organizations as part of the Elevate Greater Akron regional economic development plan, which kicked off in early 2018. At the onset of the COVID-19 challenges, the partners were able to leverage that foundation of collaboration to quickly mobilize to ensure that Greater Akron’s companies and their employees receive information from one source, backed by the entire economic development ecosystem,” said Steve Millard, President and CEO, Greater Akron Chamber.

“From the beginning, this partnership was formed to serve our companies, both small and large. Now more than ever, our goal is to ensure they have access to whatever they need to make it through this crisis,” said Akron Mayor Dan Horrigan. County Executive Ilene Shapiro noted, “Coming together to create one resource where we all send inquiring employers and employees is exactly what we needed to do, and we were well positioned to do it because we were already working so closely together. In times like this, the public expects us to act quickly and efficiently, and our ongoing collaboration allows us to respond accordingly.”

Employers and employees are encouraged to visit this website often. While the partners will deliver information in multiple ways – video conferences/meetings, webinars, blogs, etc. – the team will keep the site updated with the most up-to-date information. The site also aims to summarize, in easily understandable language, everything from new federal and state laws and executive orders adopted to deal with the epidemic, financial support resources, employment opportunities with employers who are still hiring during the epidemic, and emerging best practices from employers. The partners will also be working collaboratively to help employers and employees connect to resources via direct outreach.

Questions or comments about this effort should be directed to Steve Millard at (216) 401-0935. Questions or comments about potential resources to be included on this website should be directed to or (330) 376-5550.


For further information, contact: Steve Millard President and CEO of Greater Akron Chamber Phone: (216) 401-0935

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