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Reopening Ohio

Starting May 1st health care will open again in Ohio. Health procedures that do not require overnight stay in hospitals can proceed.

Starting May 4th the following changes will happen in Ohio. Manufacturing, distribution and construction will open, and general office environments will be allowed to reopen but if working from home can happen it is urged.

May 12th consumer retail and services will be allowed to open. Customers and workers will need to wear a face mask or ppe when in these facilities.

Do you still need to social distance, sanitize and wash your hands?

Yes! COVID-19 is still spreading in Ohio. And it’s more crucial than ever to continue to practice social distancing of 6feet or more, sanitizing and washing your hands for at least 30 seconds several times a day.

Do you need to wear a mask or ppe gear?

The CDC recommends that wearing a mask or ppe gear to everyone. Why? It protects you for unknowing spreading the virus and it also protects you from others that may not know they have the virus. It also protects your family, so even though it isn’t mandatory it is strongly advised that you do.

Is there still a stay at home order?

The stay at home rules for Ohio will still remain. Gatherings of 10 people or less will still be enforced.

This first phase of opening Ohio doesn’t include businesses such as gyms, movie theatres, and restaurants. No word as to when those types of businesses will be able to open.

1. Reopening Ohio Guidelines For Consumer, Retail and Services

2. Reopening Ohio Guidelines For Offices

3. Reopening Ohio Guidelines For Construction, Manufacturing and Distribution

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