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Fans Fear Nick Cannon is Suicidal Following Cryptic Tweets

Nick Cannon left fans all sorts of worried about his well being after he posted a few troubling tweets Friday morning.

Cannon was fired by ViacomCBS this week for allegedly making anti-Semitic comments on his podcast. Meanwhile, no one in the MSM (mainstream media) or the Jewish community can tell you exactly what he said that was so hateful.

The issue seems to be that he suggested Black Americans are the true Hebrews, which some might say the Bible offers up plenty of receipts to support this (via the curses of curses of Deuteronomy).

Meanwhile, just ask the Ethiopian Jews how Israel really feels about that.

During the show, Cannon said Black people can’t be anti-Semitic because they are the “true Hebrews.”

“It’s never hate speech, you can’t be anti-Semitic when we are the Semitic people,” Cannon said, according to Variety. “When we are the same people who they want to be. That’s our birthright. We are the true Hebrews.”

After he was fired by ViacomCBS over the remarks, Cannon said the company was attempting to “make an example of an outspoken black man,” and that the company banned “all advertisements that supported George Floyd and Breonna Taylor who we are still seeking justice for.” Once the #CancelCulture put a target on his back, Cannon changed his tune.

Sources tell he was forced to apologize by Fox in order to keep his job on “The Masked Singer.”

“I hurt an entire community and it pained me to my core, I thought it couldn’t get any worse,” Cannon tweeted amid the backlash over this controversial comments. “Then I watched my own community turn on me and call me a sell-out for apologizing. Goodnight. Enjoy Earth.”

Cannon added, “Y’all can have this planet. I’m out!” The messages marked his location as “heaven.”

And with that… fans assumed the actor/host was ready to commit suicide.

Nick also took to social media and revealed he was in a “dark contemplation of continuing my physical existence on this planet,” after his friend, up-and-coming rapper Ryan Bowers, took his own life.

Cannon noted that Bowers “had the balls to do it.”

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