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City Of Akron Announces Pending Completion Of Main Street Phase I

Akron, Ohio, September 4, 2020—Akron Mayor Dan Horrigan is pleased to announce that major milestones in the Main Street Corridor Project, Phase 1, will be completed this month, as the project enters the final weeks of construction. Main Street Phase I, a full improvement project from Cedar Street to Mill Street, is now open to two-way traffic for much of the route. For those traveling downtown, full two-way traffic is now open from Cedar St. to Buchtel Ave., and from Market St. to Bowery St. The final section of Phase 1, which runs from Buchtel to Bowery, is undergoing final utility installation and surface work. The City expects the entirety of Main Street to be open and available to two-way vehicular traffic by the week of September 28. In addition, pedestrian access on both sides of Main Street will be substantially complete by the end of September, resulting in a complete transformation along much of our Main Street route.

Also adding to the vibrancy of Main Street will be the new Designated Outdoor Refreshment Area (DORA) along the Lock3/Akron Civic Theatre block of downtown Akron. The Akron DORA is a designated public area where alcoholic beverages can be purchased from permitted establishments and consumed outside within the district. The DORA is expected to open on October 1st for local customers looking for a unique, outdoor refreshment experience. Look for more information about how to enjoy the new Akron DORA in the coming weeks.

The City is also thrilled to share the early success of the Akronite app, designed to help Akron businesses, including those operating along Main Street, enhance customer relationships and rebound during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The app gives retailers marketing tools to connect them with residents while incentivizing Akronites to shop locally by rewarding them with specialized blimps that are redeemable at participating Akron businesses. “With more than 2,500 users downloading the app, along with over 150 participating businesses, the app has garnered national attention and is proving to be an innovative tool to propel Akron’s small business resurgence,” Deputy Mayor for Integrated Development James Hardy noted. To learn more about Akronite, download the app today, or check out this video produced by Pritt Entertainment Group.

In final downtown news, the City is also pleased to announce plans to break ground on the Main Street Corridor Project, Phase 2, later this month. “We are excited to move forward with Phase 2 to provide a consistent and improved experience for vehicles, pedestrians, and bicycles moving through Main Street,” Director of Public Service Chris Ludle said. “In 2020, all construction on Phase 2 will be limited to sidewalks, and the roadway will remain open during this early portion of the project.”

Recently awarded to Karvo Companies, and with the help of $13.5 million in federal, state, and private funding, Main Street Phase 2 will continue full-depth improvements from Mill Street to State Route 59. Proposed improvements will include new roadway with one lane in each direction, plus turn lanes at Market Street and SR 59, a lane on each side of the street for parallel parking, short term deliveries, or buses, a continuation of the cycle track connecting to the nearby towpath trail, new sidewalks, pedestrian and roadway LED lighting, utility upgrades, aesthetics and amenities, including room for sidewalk cafes. One mid-block pedestrian crossing near the library will be provided. Pedestrian access will be maintained to the greatest extent possible throughout the project. Construction of the roadway will start next year, and will wrap up in early 2022.

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