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2021 City Of Akron Capital Budget Outlines $414 Million Of Investments In Neighborhood Streets, Park

Akron, Ohio, December 30, 2020 –Today, Akron Mayor Dan Horrigan formally submitted the 2021 Capital Investment & Community Development Program, commonly referred to as the “Capital Budget” to Akron City Council. This budget outlines Mayor Horrigan’s plan to invest $414 million in streets, parks, public facilities, police and fire services, economic development, housing, sidewalks, and water and sewer infrastructure in the Akron community in the coming year.

While the City’s operating budget, which will be passed by City Council before the end of March, outlines spending on City services and operating expenses, the capital budget outlines investments in the City’s physical infrastructure. Council will conduct hearings and vote on the Capital Budget between January 25 and February 8, 2021.

The budget includes $271.6 million in state funding and $37.1 million in federal monies. Local funds of $99.6 million include $14.3 million expected to be generated by the ¼% Safety and Streets income tax increase passed in 2017. These funds are used exclusively to invest in improvements to police, fire, and roadways in Akron. (A full 2021 Safety and Streets budget is available here.)

In crafting this year’s budget, Mayor Horrigan prioritized his commitment to significantly improving neighborhood infrastructure.

“As we continue to navigate very challenging economic and social conditions, it is essential that local government fulfills its obligation to invest in the services and infrastructure that residents care about and need to navigate their daily lives—including better roads, flourishing community centers and parks, and strong and efficient Fire, Police, and EMS facilities,” Mayor Dan Horrigan said. “My commitment to the people of Akron, and every neighborhood in this City, is stronger than ever. The last year has highlighted the importance of having government institutions that respond to the needs of the people and utilize public funds to create healthier, safer and more equitable communities. And that is exactly what we plan to do in Akron—by making significant investments in our neighborhoods as we work toward economic recovery and stability for every family and individual that calls this community home.”

Highlights of the 2021 City of Akron Capital Budget include:

The largest annual resurfacing program in the history of the City of Akron at $13,932,646, which will enable the City to pave approximately 75 miles of roadway through Akron’s neighborhoods and business districts. This is nearly 5 times the average annual investment in streets between 2010 and 2015, when the City was only able to pave an average of 16 miles each year.

Nearly $1 million in concrete pavement restoration, focused on the most damaged section of Akron’s concrete streets.

A comprehensive review of the City’s pools will be conducted with a consultant in order to develop a plan for major investments.

The Office of Integrated Development is also working with a consultant to assess all existing community centers in order to launch a comprehensive reinvestment program using a “worst first” approach. 2021 will focus on planning for improvements to the Ed Davis, Reservoir Park, and Patterson Park community centers.

$7.5 million invested into updated equipment for Public Service and Public Safety – includes new dump trucks, snow and ice removal equipment, sanitation trucks, police vehicles, and a new ladder truck for Fire Station No. 8 and engine truck for Fire Station No. 2.

Replacement of approximately 500 remaining lead service lines throughout the City, to further advance the City’s longstanding and successful commitment to safe drinking water.

Upgrades to the City’s water system with replacement of water meters with advanced technology, giving residents greater information, control, and convenience in tracking their water usage and billing.

Lock 3 and Summit Lake Vision Plans, created with the support of the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, as part of Akron Civic Commons

Impactful redesign of Lock 3 according to the Lock 3 Vision Plan in order to create a more accessible, engaging space for Akron residents and visitors to enjoy.

$3 million of public-space infrastructure investments around Summit Lake. Phase 1 includes construction of the Ohio and Erie Canalway Summit Lake Connector Trail, followed by final design of the North Shore Activity Area.

Completion of Firestone Business Park to provide readily developable land for job creation and economic investment.

Over $2.3 million in homelessness prevention and housing assistance for the most at-risk Akronites, along with over $1.5 million in assistance to emergency shelters to address urgent needs during the COVID-19 pandemic.


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