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2021 Thornton Jr. High Old School Jam was in the building at the Thornton Jr. High annual reunion and I had the pleasure of hosting on our behalf wih the interviews this year. The Old School Jam theme was perfect. Once again Darnell Mitchell and Rickey Calloway put together a marvelous experience for BLAkron, OH. Performances given by Rayr Image and Stonewall Band and Revue were spectacular. DJ EZ Money kept partakers of the Thornton Jr. High Old School Jam dancing all night long. BLAkron, OH showed up an showed out with the glitz and glamour of suited and booted clothing. Next year will be the fifth year for the annual Thorton Jr. High reunion. Darnell and Rickey are calling for all schools to come out next year and join in on the festivities. If you missed out on the previous years, check out the video below and make sure your face is in the place next year.

‘Bringing Sunshine 2 Your Timeline’

-Char Johnson


The Reporter Newspaper
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