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Biden-Harris Campaign 2024 Commits $1.5 Million Advertising Buy with the Black Press of America

Baltimore, MD, June 22, 2024:   The Biden-Harris Campaign announced an immediate commitment to a $1.5 Million advertising-buy with the National Newspaper Publishers Association (NNPA) representing the Black Press of America across the United States.  The Biden-Harris Campaign also helped to sponsor the NNPA’s 2024 Annual National Convention in Baltimore, Maryland, June 19-22, 2024.

Jasmine Harris, Director of National Black Media for Biden-Harris 2024, announced the advertising buy with the Black Press at the NNPA convention.  “In August of last year, our campaign announced the earliest and largest investment into Black media for any reelection campaign in history. This partnership with the NNPA continues those efforts and will strengthen our work in meeting Black voters where they are, to underscore the stakes of this election for Black America. President Biden and Vice President Harris are responsible for creating millions of new jobs for Black workers and record-low Black unemployment. Black America has far too much to lose this election.”

Bobby R. Henry Sr., Chairman of the NNPA emphasized, “It is extremely important to show support of the business side of the Black Press owned by Black business leaders. Verbal support is good, but financial support is better.”

This year marks the 197th Anniversary of the Black Press of America.  Dr. Benjamin F. Chavis, Jr, NNPA President and CEO, concluded, “The Biden-Harris Campaign is being responsive to the interests of Black America through the campaign’s advertising initiatives with the National Newspapers Publishers Association.  The Black vote throughout the United States will be a key determinative factor in the outcome of the 2024 national elections.  We profoundly thank the Biden-Harris 2024 Campaign.”


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