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Big Missed Call Against The Browns

The Cleveland Browns are in the middle of an intense battle of defensive lines in a first half that has them leading 13-3 at the end of the first half. The action has picked up after the Browns offense has gone all-in on pushing the ball downfield.

They should be up by even more though as a sideline official made one of the most egregious calls that Browns fans have ever seen.

Late in the second quarter Deshaun Watson threw a perfectly thrown pass down the left sideline to Amari Cooper who had a defender draped all over him. Cooper ran right under it to make the catch and the defender fell out of bounds off of his back.

The official who appeared to be in great position, whistled the play down saying that Cooper had stepped out of bounds. Cooper clearly did not and proceeded to run down the sideline for what should have been a touchdown.

Since the play was whistled dead the play was not reviewable and ended as only a 25 yard gain on the play. The Browns drive would stall out a few plays later and they would have to settle for a field goal.

The stadium and fans on social media were in an uproar after the replay was shown on the scoreboard. This will do the NFL no favors for fans of the Browns who believe they are being judged unfairly after acquiring Deshaun Watson.


The Reporter Newspaper
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