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Congress Hopeful Shontel Brown Visits Akron 3/24/21

One of the great things that we are proud of here at Mecca Media Entertainment is our networking capabilities. It is our second most important function as an organization, group, or team. There are many different events catered to help our community get their network on and that's a great thing. But here at Mecca Media Entertainment, we are blessed to be in a unique position as far as our relationships regarding independent black business owners. Many of BLAkron Ohio's entrepreneurs have worked with my brother Ace Epps or myself in some capacity. With that being said. The city of Akron is getting visited by (congress hopeful) Shontel Brown. She will be visiting a few black-owned businesses in the city including Louisiana Famous Fried Chicken at 2:30 pm which is located at 61 E. Waterloo Rd. It is our hope that you come out and get your network on and enjoy some great food with a great candidate. Until next time, have some fun and get something done.

-Bro. Hiram D. Akeem


The Reporter Newspaper
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