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Deshaun Watson 'getting more and more comfortable' in offense

Head coach Kevin Stefanski continues to see Deshaun Watson make big strides in his game — and he's noticed his confidence grow as a result.

That statement, of course, shouldn't be a surprise after Watson grabbed his second win of the season in his third start as the Browns' QB. In a game where passing conditions weren't favorable due to the frigid and, at times, snowy conditions, Watson did what he needed to keep the Browns ahead on the scoreboard and avoid making any game-changing mistakes. His 161 passing yards on 18-of-28 pass attempts don't pop off the stats page, but they show that Watson played a clean game.

When Watson took the final kneel-down to end the game, he turned around to face the Dawg Pound and let out a yell, his final act on a solid home debut at FirstEnergy Stadium.

"He doesn't lack for confidence, and he's a great leader in the building, outside the building, on the practice field and in the locker room," Stefanski said. "I do think there is certainly confidence that comes from playing, winning and those types of things. That always leads to confidence.

"I think Deshaun is certainly getting more and more comfortable in what we are doing."

Watson admitted himself after the game that he's starting to feel more comfortable with being a starter in the NFL again. For the last two weeks, he'd been talking about how he felt the rust that came with taking 700 days away from the NFL and not beginning the season until he completed an 11-game suspension for violating the league's personal conduct policy.

There was always going to be an adjustment period for Watson when he returned, and he's appeared to make steady progress in working through those hurdles in all three of his starts. The Browns have a winning record in those games.

Judging by his own comments from Saturday, he knows the improvements are no fluke.

"All around. Just everything," Watson said when asked where he's becoming more comfortable.

"From the swagger, to operating the offense, to being able to know exactly where everyone is going to be, when we need to call a timeout, when we don't need to call a timeout, when we need to go for it and overall just everything. Football is coming back each and every week. That's my job."


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