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Hicks-Hudson Votes “No” on House Bill 27

COLUMBUS – This week, state Senator Paula Hicks-Hudson (D-Toledo) issued the following statement after voting against House Bill 27, a higher-education bill that was amended at the last minute to allocate over $1 billion in capital budget dollars.

“The H.B. 27 capital budget amendment passed yesterday sets a dangerous precedent of allocating dollars with no real opportunity for proper deliberation,” said Hicks-Hudson. “The bill was not re-referred to the Senate Finance Committee for public input or committee discussion, which I believe should occur for any legislation appropriating funds. This piecemeal amendment allocates billions of dollars in appropriations without committee hearings, input from our constituents, and thorough oversight. I understand the necessity of these projects and appropriations, but I condemn any circumvention of legislative procedures that ensure transparent and democratic lawmaking.”

The floor amendment included in the bill made new capital and GRF appropriations for the Facilities Construction Commission, the Public Works Commission, the Expositions Commission, and the Adoption Grant Program.


The Reporter Newspaper
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