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Louisville Cop Repeatedly Punches Protester During Arrest

A man protesting police brutality Sunday afternoon in Kentucky was repeatedly punched in the head by Louisville Metro police officers near Jefferson Square Park, the site of numerous similar demonstrations, including protests over the death of Breonna Taylor, who was shot and killed by Louisville police in March 2020.

The Facebook video of 29-year-old Denorver “Dee” Garrett shows him being arrested by several Louisville Metro police officers. One of them tries to handcuff Garrett and tells him to “stop flexing.” The officer then yells “stop” once more before multiple officers force Garrett to the ground. The initial officer then punches Garrett’s head at least three times as he’s face down, while onlookers scream at officers to stop. It appeared Garrett’s glasses were smashed during the struggle.

Watch below:

According to news outlets, an arrest citation stated Garrett “was causing a disturbance” in the middle of the street for about 30 minutes prior to his arrest. The citation said that he “resisted the officers’ movements to put his hands together close enough to put handcuffs on” and later the officer took Garrett to the ground and “delivered 2-3 closed hand strikes” to his face.

Jaime Hendricks, who filmed the video, told the Courier Journal that Garrett was protesting in the crosswalk, carrying a large cross that has made him recognizable at local demonstrations. Hendricks said she watched the arrest and didn’t see Garrett resisting the officers

Garrett was charged with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. Police Chief Erika Shields said in a statement to news outlets that the video “raises serious questions and is not consistent with LMPD training.” Shields said the department is investigating the officer’s conduct. It’s unclear whether the officer was placed on leave. The names of the officers involved weren’t immediately released.


The Reporter Newspaper
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