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Mayor Horrigan Unveils New City Website

Akron, Ohio, Nov. 1, 2023 — Today, the City of Akron has unveiled the new and improved City of Akron website at The new site features interactive search functionality, quick links to the most popular pages, translation into dozens of languages, an accessibility menu, and more. Additionally, a new 3-1-1 platform powered by Rock Solid is launching today for citizen service requests.

“Our city website now offers a user-friendly interface, new features, enhanced functionality, and a modern look,” said Mayor Horrigan. “Most importantly, the site was designed with the user experience in mind so it will help us better interact with our residents and offer them a more streamlined platform for their use.”

“I’m proud to launch the new and improved City of Akron website which will be a real resource for our residents, business community, and visitors,” said Chief Communications Officer Stephanie Marsh. “The site has been designed to best fit the needs of our users from the quick links on the main page, to the curated search bar, to the site layout, and beyond. The site will be continuously updated and monitored so the city can adapt to changing needs and offer the most responsive platform possible for our community.”

Feedback on the site is welcomed and can be sent to Please report any issues you experience as the site will be continuously improved.

Visit the new site at .


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