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Mt. Calvary Lodge # 76 Feeding Families In Akron

One of the main priorities of "black media" is to report our stories with cultural integrity. To be in the position to inform the community about things that could positively or negatively impact people should be handled by culturally responsible journalists and platforms. With that being said recently our brothers over there at Mt. Calvary Lodge # 76 here in Akron Ohio, did a great thing for the community from a parking lot located at 422 Bell Street.

In short, they held their "Farmers To Families" outreach event on May 29th, 2021. The event was to simply provide "those that were in need" some much-needed assistance in the form of some quality food. Upon driving up to Mt. Calvary Baptist Church (where the event was held) I noticed a very organized and professionally ran operation. I was greeted with nothing but smiles, great conversation, and brotherly love.

The smiles that the brothers had on their faces were just as big as the number of boxes that they were giving away. One of the main priorities "for a lodge of brothers" is giving in the form of charity and you can tell that they were living in their purpose. In closing, I would like to thank my brother Kat Israel who is another mason but from a different lodge. It was he who told me about the event. As a brother myself, I felt obligated to help shine an already bright light on what our brothers over there at Mt. Calvary are doing for the community. Until next time, have some fun and get something done.


The Reporter Newspaper
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