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The City of Akron is enacting a temporary Private Gathering Ordinance

COVID-19 is spreading uncontrolled through our city and state. Hospitals are

reaching maximum capacity, and infection and death rates are climbing

exponentially. Most Akronites are not contracting COVID at work, the store, at

school, or at restaurants - they are getting sick after casually socializing with

family and friends. It may "feel" safe, but the risk is actually likely highest in your

own home, neighborhood, or family get together.

Don't let your guard down, even with family and friends.

Now is the time to keep MASKS ON.

Gatherings should be small and spaced out or outside.

Large private gatherings are prohibited:

• No private property owner or family in the City shall host more than 6

guests at a gathering. A guest is considered someone that does not live

in your household.

• This applies even to immediate family members - parents, siblings,

children, grandchildren, etc. - who live outside the home.

Small private gatherings are permitted with restrictions:

• For small gatherings with 6 or fewer guests - masks must be worn at

all times when any non-resident is present in the same room or within six

feet, unless the individuals are exempt (Under 10 years old, actively

eating a meal, medically unable, or outdoors and maintaining 6 feet of

social distancing, etc.)

Restrictions will last for 30 days (until Dec. 16th), and will be

extended if needed.


• Summit County Public Health (SCPH) and the Akron Police Department will

work together to respond to complaints, educate residents, and issue civil

penalties ($250 per violation).

• Reports of in-progress large private gatherings should be made to the

Akron Police Department non-emergency line at 330-375-2181.

Reports of previously held large private gatherings, or other

COVID­related complaints, can be made to the Summit County Public Health

hotline at 330-926-5795 or online at

essential-businesses-or-operations. DO NOT call 9-1-1 to report a private

gathering unless there is an imminent safety concern.

• Enforcement will focus on education and voluntary compliance whenever


We must act NOW to prevent devastating results.

We can still take care of our family and friends, keep businesses open,

and save lives if we all keep MASKS ON

and gatherings small and spaced out, or outside.


The Reporter Newspaper
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