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The Real Reason Why The Female Rap Wave Is Ending

When it comes to female rappers, one can say many things. The most common question would be, who is the better rapper/Mc? The most asked question (especially in the inner-city barber shops) is who is the best looking. That's right, now-a-days people (some women as well) are all lusting over the half naked/black female rapper. The female rap genre used to be beautified with strong black women empowered to move the crowd and masses with intelligence and incredible wordplay. 

Back in the day, the female rapper hardly ever had to rely on her sex appeal in any way. It was her natural beauty and clever rhyme schemes that catapulted her to success. It wasn't until the emergence and ultimate success of legendary rappers like Lil Kim and Foxy Brown that changed the narrative as it pertained to what was considered a dope female Mc/rapper.


As you may or may not know, record companies are mostly interested in what artists can generate lucrative sales. So successful female rappers like Lil Kim and Foxy Brown had become the successful template of what would become the so-called modern female rapper. Let's take the female rapper DaBrat, we now know that she's a part of the LGBT community. As a real fan of her music and her, one really understood that she was "gay" or a "tomboy" at the least. In-short, we've seen her having to cater to a specific record-buying public by downplaying her true sexuality by donning sexually suggestive apparel that would lead the general public to believe that she wasn't a part of the LGBT community. It is this type of situation that many of our female rappers have to endure, even if they're not comfortable with it.

Now in 2024, female rappers like Sexyy Red, Sukihana and many others are what we could consider desensitized. The success of the naked female rapper has been going on for so long that the production of said female rappers are on autopilot. These would-be rappers are mentally conditioned to already understand how they showed dress, the things they should rap about and how to disrespect the black man. As rapper/podcast guru Joe Budden said "this current state of female rappers has come to an end". Ultimately, real female rappers can reposition themselves in the forefront of what has now become a global music. Until next time, have some fun and get something done.

-Hiram D. Akeem


The Reporter Newspaper
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