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Three Shot Dead in Louisiana While Filming TikTok ‘Milk Crate Challenge’

A shocking video surfaced online this week showing a Louisiana man and two others shot dead while filming TikTok’s viral Milk Crate Challenge.

19-year-old Paris King was among the victims killed during a drive-by shooting that erupted just after 5:30 p.m. Sunday outside Linwood Public Charter School in Shreveport, Louisiana, as reported by .

“Get my gun, get my gun!” one man shouted. Another man shouted, “Where my baby?” It is unclear if the man doing the crate challenge survived the shooting.

It is unclear whether the man seen in the clip walking over the crates was the one who was shot.

Here’s more :

A police spokesman said one person had said he had tried to drive away after the shooting but stopped when he realized the woman in the car had died. The driver of the car, and the other passenger, did not suffer injuries. Police have stated that they believe the two crime scenes are related

”If people are shooting during a crate challenge, God knows what would happen if I’m out walking my damn dog. SMFH,” one Twitter user reacted to news of the killings.

Another wrote, “Still thinking about that damn Crate challenge shooting in Shreveport and shooting at that lounge in Atlanta this weekend. And I bet it was over something so dumb. Life shouldn’t be disregarded this way.”

A third commented, “Not them trying to do the crate challenge in my city and someone started shooting . This is getting sad af”.

There have been 45 homicides in Shreveport, Louisiana, this year so far, per the report — a 96 percent increase from the previous year.

“We can and we must take immediate action to reduce gun violence plaguing our community,” Shreveport Chief of Police Ben Raymond said at a press conference in May. “When did it become acceptable to allow our children and those whom we have influence over to carry illegal weapons.”

“The Crate Challenge” has amassed more than 15.3 million views on TikTok. The latest viral craze finds people trying to walk over a pyramid of plastic crates without them toppling over.

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