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Today is the One Year Anniversary of the Killing of Breonna Taylor – Justice Still Being Sought

*In case you forgot or just plain hadn’t thought about it, we wanna remind you that today (03-13-21) is the one-year anniversary of the killing of Breonna Taylor. Meanwhile, civil rights attorney Ben Crump continues to ask for justice.

“1 year ago, Breonna Taylor was tragically killed in her own home, igniting a movement for racial justice and necessary change, which has prompted many cities and states to BAN no-knock warrants,” Crump tweeted. “365 days have passed but the fight for justice for Breonna Taylor continues!!”

Crump is calling the killing a case of “sleeping while black,” decrying the tragedy where Breonna was sprayed with 6 bullets from cops who executed the no-knock warrant in the middle of the night.

Breonna’s boyfriend, Kenneth Walker, who was in the apartment with Breonna, filed a federal lawsuit Friday against the City of Louisville. Prosecutors have dropped all charges against Walker, who shot at one of the officers. Walker insisted the cops never announced themselves and thought they were home intruders. Cops say they did announce.

The FBI said Saturday it was reaffirming its commitment to continue investigating the circumstances surrounding the shooting.

It’s also worthy noting that Attorney General Daniel Cameron never gave the Grand Jury instructions to look at possible homicide charges against any of the cops. Some grand jurors were pissed they never had an opportunity to look at the possibility of such charges.


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