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Usher’s 2024 Super Bowl Halftime Show is A Done Deal – Was it A Yay or Nay? We’ve Got Reactions

OK, the 2024 Super Bowl (XLVIII) Apple Music halftime show starring Usher is in the books. First, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that Ursh’s approximately 13-minute halftime set would be worth the watch from start to finish. Or was it?

The legendary ATL and LA-based artist shared some clues regarding what fans could expect from his halftime show at Las Vegas’ Allegiant Stadium show during the Biggest game of all between the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers.

So now the question is, did he deliver? Or better yet, what did you, the viewer like and/or not like?

That’s easy to find out, we simply went to social media for the answer. Scroll down for the responses. As usual, some will surprise you. Some won’t.

These reactions are from YouTube:

@danielestrada5479 Wasn’t the best, but come on it was good

@Alexisrichardson6559b This was for the negros!!!!!!!! Lmaooo happy black history month

@mopope1583 Best performance since Beyoncé  ready for the concert

@marlist1 USher with a cool old school sound1980’s) & M Jackson moves!

@billydean2011 Too many people up there dancing around. It’s distracting and makes me dizzy. The music was good though.

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