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Wait. What?! Video of Children Licking Toes at Oklahoma School Fundraiser Sparks Investigation

*From the “what da hell were they thinking” file, a video capturing students participating in a bizarre toe-licking activity during a high school fundraiser has gained viral attention online, sparking widespread concern among parents and prompting an impending investigation.

The incident occurred during a recent fundraiser at Deer Creek High School in Oklahoma, where students were observed licking peanut butter off each other’s toes while lying on the basketball court.

The video, initially obtained by Fox 25, has stirred controversy across social media platforms, with many individuals criticizing the organizers for allowing such a spectacle to take place, TMZ is reporting.

Oklahoma State Superintendent Ryan Walters has expressed dismay over the incident, announcing via Twitter that his agency will be launching an investigation to determine the full extent of the situation.

Despite the uproar, Deer Creek High School maintains that all student participation was voluntary and asserts that no faculty or staff members were involved in organizing the activity.

The school highlights the substantial $150k raised for a local charity during the fundraiser as justification for moving past the controversial event.

However, a parent, speaking anonymously to FOX 25, encapsulated a prevailing sentiment by acknowledging the fundraising efforts while also urging the school to acknowledge the inappropriateness of the activity.

Here’s the bottom line. While the school stands by its actions, there is a widespread call for accountability regarding the questionable behavior exhibited during the fundraiser.


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