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WATCH What Happens When White Girls Receive Black Dolls For Christmas

For many people, Christmas and the holidays come with divided emotions. For some, the occasion marks a happy time to be around friends, family and other like-minded folks to swap gifts, share laughs and indulge in food and sports. For others, there is sadness, depression and other emotions that are the opposite.

For two young girls, Christmas turned real, with an ugly experience in racism and discrimination.

The experience, highlighted in a 2015 YouTube video titled “Parents Give White girls black baby dolls,” shows the girls, who are white, being given gifts from their aunt and uncle. As the 43-second clip plays, the girls open the gifts. Their reaction is less than positive.

When one of the girls state they got Black baby dolls, the facial expressions on both girls clearly show how displeased they are. It is then the following conversation takes place:

Woman: “What’s wrong?”

Young girl: “Nothing.”

Woman: “Do you like it?”

Young girl (under her breath): “Mhmm.”

From there, MadameNoire notes an awkward silence taking place before the woman bursts into laughter. The woman then pans the camera to the younger of the two girls, asking her if she likes her doll. Reacting to the question, the younger girl is seen crying while throwing the doll in the mother’s direction.

There’s no question. The video is disturbing. The question (or rather questions) viewers may have that MadameNoire posed:

Why is this funny?

What were the aunt and uncle’s motives?

Needless to say, the video has generated different opinions via many comments posted, including the following comment:

if they were black girls with white dolls and they reject it, all those assholes commenting here would say: “It’s normal, they prefer dolls with the same colour, it’s self love!” “whites loving whites = racism” “blacks loving blacks = self love”


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